To The Manor Borne By Robots is a two-time Mark Time Award winner and three-time Hear Say Festival feature presentation.


“This is one of the most layered 50 minutes of podcasting I’ve ever heard. Employing great voice acting, the show is the brainchild of John Eder from Los Angeles and I find it very compelling.”

Marc Hershon

Huffington Post Review

“They’re two episodes in, and I’m hooked…So far I’m finding the frame narrative, about Bob and the Beast in the 25th century, and the Master back in our own 21st century, to be compelling on its own – it’s well written… So tune in and take a listen! We’ll see how it goes, but early indications are that it’s worth your time.”

Karen Burnham

Sci-Fi Signal Review

“Rob Halford has done just about everything with his voice. Well, in regards to singing at least. Capable of hitting some of the highest notes in metal as well as the lowest, where else is there left to go? Narrating a holiday story of course! The Metal God tells the tale (audio below) of Frosty the Snowman’s idiot cousin Fronsty on the sci-fi podcast To the Manor Borne By Robots.”

Joe Divita


An in-depth interview with To The Manor Borne By Robots creator John Eder about the podcast, his process and how it all gets done.

Devon Craft and Steven Domingues

Science Faction Podcast

“I decided a host doing intros was not that interesting, and thought it’d be fun to have a reason for the stories to be told, that there be a story within a story. So I came up with the on-going tale about a monster that has to have stories read to it.”

Devon Craft and Steven Domingues

The Podcast Host